• Don’t Fall for it.  It is the Season for Sales.
  • Meeting Rooms:  Sometimes you meet; sometimes you learn
  • Prospecting For Gold And Sales Success
  • Over-Promising, Cover-Ups, Lies, and Stretching the Truth in Sales
  • Is the Best Price the Right Price?
Fall is the Season for Sales

Don’t Fall for it. It is the Season for Sales.

My Daddy always said, “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” I am taking advantage of this “first day of Fall” to focus on salesmanship and getting your customers to choose you over the competition.  And, since there are many “fall” references and play-on-words opportunities from quotes, motivational sayings, and fun facts, I thought “let’s go for it”! My advice of the Season:  Don’t fall….. ……

meeting rooms

Meeting Rooms: Sometimes you meet; sometimes you learn

Hotel meeting rooms are becoming obsolete.  So why do we keep building them, renovating them, and hiring people to go out and find companies and organizations to use them? I recently read an article that suggested that hotel designers and hotel sales people need to be more creative, both in construction and in their sales approach,  to compete with the art museums, speak easy’s, sports parks, recreation halls, and botanical…

Prospecting for business

Prospecting For Gold And Sales Success

Prospecting might seem outdated, but rest assured it still is an integral party of the sales process.  Any salesperson worth his weight in the sales arena knows that they must prospect for new business to be successful.  If you are not prospecting as part of your daily tasks, then you might as well be spinning your wheels in the mud. So what exactly is prospecting?  Prospecting is the art of…

Lies are wrong

Over-Promising, Cover-Ups, Lies, and Stretching the Truth in Sales

My Mother and Father taught me that cheaters never prosper and telling lies was a sin.  Regardless of your religious persuasion, it is, in my opinion, unethical to lie and cheat.  Period. So why do people stretch the truth when it comes to business and getting ahead?  Do they think exaggerating the truth puts you in higher regard with others, earns you more money, or pays homage to your success? …


Is the Best Price the Right Price?

I have met some pretty terrific sales people in my life… professional, conversant, smart, savvy, good listeners, people who know what to say and how to say it in every instance, and understand the premise of sales.  These terrific sales people always know their product, believe in their product, and sell it for the right price. Not every one of these sales people started their careers (or tenure with our…

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

The Benefit of Cheating and Value of a Cheat Sheet

I’m an Army Brat.  My Dad was a Colonel and served our country for 32 years before retiring.  So, given my upbringing, it’s likely that when it comes to learning and understanding standards, procedures, and organization, that I draw on my childhood and my Dad.  It’s funny, because there are many things that come naturally to me…. respect for position and elders, manner of speaking and addressing individuals, standing up…

proper etiquette

Etiquette In Today’s World: Where is Emily Post When You Need Her?

I am appalled at the lack of proper business etiquette (or any type of etiquette for that matter) in today’s world.  When did it become acceptable for people to be so nonchalant when it comes to thanking people, being courteous, or showing respect? Every day, I am witness to educated, social, and professional adults proving to me that they did not grow up with the same lessons my parents and…

Heart made of arrows.

Forget About Finding Passion In The Workplace.

Do you really need to be passionate about your chosen career to be effective?  Or, can you just go through the motions and complete your check list every day without your ultimate goal or specific passion being fulfilled?  Does a lack of passion for your chosen profession mean you can’t be successful? There are many, many self-help books, articles and videos that encourage people to follow their passion; that you…

2019 Pigs

2019… The Year of the Pig

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2019 is the Year of the Pig.  The Pig is the twelfth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Pig was late because he overslept. Another story says that a wolf destroyed his house. He had to rebuild his home before he could set off….

Like A Dog

Work Like A Dog For Sales Success

I have two puppies – one “acts like a dog” and one “works like a dog”.  Both are successful in winning what they want out of me (sales success so to speak) and each dog has a different sales approach to get my attention, love, and/or treats.  Both puppies have distinctly different personalities and traits even though they are litter-mates.    One of my dogs (appropriately name Bacchus after the…


‘Tis The Season For Thanks And Giving

In the hotel industry, we are always thanking and we are always giving…. especially in November and December.  Unless you are a winter destination or resort, this is the time of the year when business drops off a cliff and we scurry to scare up anything we can to help our occupancy, ADR, RevPar. It is a known fact that if road warriors are traveling over the holidays it is because…

direct bookings = more money

Direct Bookings = More Money In Your Hotel’s Pocket

When you weigh the effects of direct bookings’ revenue against the cost and hassle of third party bookings, it’s easy to get frustrated.  Paying between 15-30% of our room revenues to someone other than our owners seems crazy when, with a few easy steps you can wean some of your guests off the OTA bottle and teach them to book directly with your GSRs or on your website. Putting A Go…

quality service

What Defines Quality?

They say that beauty is in the ‘eye of the beholder’; but what about quality?  Who determines what defines quality and where the benchmark should be placed?  When it comes to product selection, individuals definitely have their own standards of quality when it comes to choosing a product or service.  Conversely, brands/owners/managers have established a level of quality that must be achieved in order to be proud of their service AND to…


What’s The Temperature In Your Back Office?

What’s the temperature in your back office? No, I am not talking about your thermostat… I am talking about the climate of your culture!  Do you and other property leaders run hot and cold, or does your leadership temperature need to rise to a degree or two?  Or, are you an over-the-top, highly emotional leader and need to take it down a notch? As any leader will tell you that…


May Day: Day to Celebrate or a Cry for Help?

On Tuesday, May 1st we celebrate May Day.  It’s a sure sign that warmer weather is upon us and that summer cannot be far behind.  May Day is a happy day.  We pick and give flowers, we dance around May Poles, we dig out pastel colored clothes, and we start thinking of beach days.  Why then, do people in distress cry “mayday mayday mayday”?  Surely, they could have found a different…


Salesmanship… Walking The Line Between Marketing and Sales

We all need to sharpen our salesmanship skills to not only keep pace in the market but to win the battle amongst our competition salespersons.  In January, I wrote a blog entitled “Is Selling Just Marketing or Is Marketing Selling?”  After reading the blog and (hopefully) evaluating your own sales process, did you make any adjustments to your personal salesmanship activities?  Have you evaluated the proportion of sales versus marketing activities…

trends or gimmicks

Trends: Jump on the Bandwagon or Jump off the Cliff?

In our industry, trends are often shared about anything and everything to try to impress the customer.  Some are great!  Some are, well, a bit over-the-top (i.e. installing sensory deprivation tank for wellness treatments…1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, free of sound, free of gravity, total darkness, just you and your thoughts, floating in the water, promising total-body rehabilitation).  Everyone wants to offer ideas on what will bring in the most…

High price

You’ve Quoted Too High. Now What Do You Do?

You went for the moon and priced high.  You wanted to show the market who’s the boss.  You made your stand, but the customer hasn’t called you back and won’t return your call.  You are frantic because you want and need their business.  What do you do now? Oh boy.  What does a salesperson do when they have overpriced their product in a competitive market? In order to address the problem…

Going to be a super game

Super-Stay Me on Super Sunday

Ahhh, the #SuperBowl!  What a great day for football.  What a great day to super-stay your guests!  Do you have plans to celebrate “Big Game” Sunday at your hotel?  How are you going to add to the customer experience? Whether you are a New England fan (me), a Philadelphia fan, or just a football fan in general, there is cause to celebrate in your hotel.  It’s no fun to watch the game alone.  Fans want…