Etiquette In Today’s World: Where is Emily Post When You Need Her?

proper etiquette
February 25, 2019

I am appalled at the lack of proper business etiquette (or any type of etiquette for that matter) in today’s world.  When did it become acceptable for people to be so nonchalant when it comes to thanking people, being courteous, or showing respect? Every day, I am witness to educated, social, and professional adults proving to me that they did not grow up with the same lessons my parents and…


What Defines Quality?

quality service
September 10, 2018

They say that beauty is in the ‘eye of the beholder’; but what about quality?  Who determines what defines quality and where the benchmark should be placed?  When it comes to product selection, individuals definitely have their own standards of quality when it comes to choosing a product or service.  Conversely, brands/owners/managers have established a level of quality that must be achieved in order to be proud of their service AND to…


Profanity In The Workplace. Why Do We Cuss?

profanity filter
January 17, 2018

Dang.  This world seems to have spiraled out of control with potty-mouth talk.  When did profanity become acceptable?  When did it become socially acceptable to communicate using cuss words?  Open social media.  Open emails.  Listen to conversations (young and old/educated and uneducated).  Listen to television, radio, music and video.  Look at #hashtags.  Every other word seems to be profanity. Why do people think that profanity is acceptable in today’s society?…


Cell Phone Break Up: It doesn’t love you as much as you love it!

Cell Phone Anxiety
April 19, 2017

“It” being that intrusive piece of technology you carry around all day and night. You go to bed with it, you wake up with it, you check it (on average) more than 150 times a day. It gives you a lift. It depresses you. It makes you anxious. It is your drug of choice. Yes, it’s your cell phone. “The first several minutes of your day are defined by what…


Mental Sorbet…. A Good Intermezzo For Managers and Leaders

Mental Sorbet
June 24, 2016

A great meal is always enhanced by an intermezzo.  Sorbet cleanses the palate and allows you to open up your tastebuds for the flavors to come.  Think about adding a little mental sorbet to your work diet.  What do you need to keep your mind open and allow yourself the ability to analyze data and apply that knowledge to creating thinking? Being Happy! in the workplace is a great place to…


Tips on Telephone Etiquette ~ “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Telephone Etiquette
February 18, 2016

Telephone etiquette is a hot button in my book… the quality of you and your hotel’s salesmanship can be interpreted in just a very few moments.  Do you do telephone etiquette training with your staff and practice what you preach? Often, the only source of communication with our customers is via the telephone.  We rely on our telephone service, the number of bars, and quality of the connection to do…


De-Cluttering Your Brain = Improved Selling Power

Movement = improved thinking
January 21, 2016

Some days my brain actually hurts from data overload.  I stare at my computer waiting for a brilliant idea to surface, or trying to come up with a solution for a sales challenge.  The more I try to focus on the issues at hand, the more my eyes cross and the more my head hurts.  And then, da da da (spoken in an ominous voice), my office starts to darken as the…


Who Was That “Masked” Caller?

sales call
January 29, 2015

Sales people are often tested by their owners and managers, for effective sales call techniques.  Most often, these are done to make sure that the sales person covers all the bases, and is constantly honing their technique.  Sometimes, if a sales person seems to be “out of sorts” or having a run of “missing” out on business, a manager will employ a shopping service to discover where the problems lay….


What Makes You Unique?

Unique color fish
July 29, 2014

Customer:  “Tell me about your hotel.” Sales Person:  “Our hotel has 96 rooms, meeting room for up to 60 persons, indoor swimming pool, fitness room, complementary breakfast and WiFi, and free parking.” Customer:  “So does the XYZ hotel next door.” Borrrinnnggg! Just once, I’d like to hear a sales person actually differentiate themselves from the other sales person.  (I think the customer would too!) What if, when asked by a…


Read What You Right Before You Send Is Out

July 25, 2014

Our plates are full and we are always in a hurry to move to they next task, next customer, and next idea.  We rush to get a document of email finished and press send.  But wait!  Did you read back threw what you have written?  Should “is” be “it”, should “there” be “their”, should “sence” be “sense”?  While I throughly understand that we oftentimes need to power through tasks to…


No Man Is An Island

June 26, 2014

Some days I want to get away from it all and live alone in a tree house on an island.  LOL I think one of the biggest obstacles businesses (and specifically managers) face is communication, specifically – lack of communication.  Why don’t people acknowledge communications, answer questions, or provide information when it is requested?  It seems like we spend more time chasing people for down for answers to questions when…


Puppy Philosophy And Engaging Guests

March 28, 2014

Nothing like a good puppy picture to get your attention! You know the premise … “If you want attention, take a baby or a puppy for a walk.” Well, this is my version of taking a puppy for a walk; so pay attention! Ever had butterflies in your stomach before you made a big presentation to a very large group? In those instances, have you ever had someone suggest that…


Sales Mistake #6: You Lack Humility

June 14, 2013

“It’s what we learn after we know it all that counts.” Humility and pride are intertwined and often confused. My barometer is usually when someone says something to me and I am slightly embarrassed that I didn’t stop talking 5 minutes earlier. At that point I realize it’s time to back off a little bit, to get off my soapbox and allow the other person to speak. There is a…


Sales Mistake #3: You Lack Self-Awareness

May 24, 2013

“Know what your sales style is so you can understand what works and what doesn’t work.” I believe every sales person, no matter the sales environment or field, can have their own style. Some styles might be more successful for one industry, than they would be in another – but right or wrong, any style can always be improved. What is right for selling cars might not be right for…


Sales Mistake #2: You Talk Too Much

May 23, 2013

I was once told by my boss, that when he saw me cruise to his office doorway, stand silently and look at him, that he needed to resign the fact that it was probably going to be a 20 minute conversation….. yes – I talk too much. Is talking too much really a detriment to sales? My first instinct is that yes, “talking too much” can be a problem….. the…


I’m An Emotional Wreck

May 7, 2013

“Hotel brands are about feelings no matter which way you try and sell people on benefits and otherwise logical choices. Aim to make your décor, staff attitudes, amenities, features, website and advertising copy all congruent around one dominant and emotionally-charged theme.” We’re back to my favorite topic – property voice, property image, and standing out in the crowd! I read an article today, written by my favorite industry writer Larry…


Tell Me Where To Go….. Please!

April 30, 2013

I was reading an article today by one of my favorite hotel sales authors, and stumbled upon a phrase that inspired me to explore why it is important that we as hotel sales people keep ourselves up-to-date on the happenings of our communities/areas and where people might want to go while they are in town. “Help them understand that although we charge guests for the room, what guests “buy” is…


Develop Your Brand Voice

February 1, 2013

“Are you using the same “brand voice” each time you make a social post? Switching between a casual tone and professional tone may cause customers to question what your business stands for. Keeping consistent in the tone and language of your social posts will help to maintain a stable image for your company.” We’ve discussed your property identity in past blogs, in one-on-one conversations, and as part of the development…


The Power Of The Pen

November 8, 2012

I’ve often extolled the virtue of personalized correspondence and the value that our customers perceive when they receive a handwritten note. You probably know that feeling of value…. the one where you open the mailbox and grab a handful of circulars, direct mail letters, advertisements, bills, junk mail, requests for donations, etc. and that little envelope falls out that is hand addressed. When this happens to me, I immediately feel…


Building Emotional Connections With Your Customers

October 29, 2012

To differentiate your brand from your competitors it should bring out an emotional response such as trust, humor, or achievement. These emotions associate positive experiences with your company. That emotional tie builds loyalty and inspires your customers to tell their friends about you and your products or services. Whether you are a “brand” or independent, it is very important that your customers feel emotionally connected to your hotel and staff….