Trends: Jump on the Bandwagon or Jump off the Cliff?

trends or gimmicks
March 9, 2018

In our industry, trends are often shared about anything and everything to try to impress the customer.  Some are great!  Some are, well, a bit over-the-top (i.e. installing sensory deprivation tank for wellness treatments…1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, free of sound, free of gravity, total darkness, just you and your thoughts, floating in the water, promising total-body rehabilitation).  Everyone wants to offer ideas on what will bring in the most…


Mental Sorbet…. A Good Intermezzo For Managers and Leaders

Mental Sorbet
June 24, 2016

A great meal is always enhanced by an intermezzo.  Sorbet cleanses the palate and allows you to open up your tastebuds for the flavors to come.  Think about adding a little mental sorbet to your work diet.  What do you need to keep your mind open and allow yourself the ability to analyze data and apply that knowledge to creating thinking? Being Happy! in the workplace is a great place to…


Customer Service or Customer Wowing?

customer wowing
September 23, 2014

“Our strength is great customer service,” I exclaimed on my most recent sales call. “Great, the last 10 sales people I spoke to claim to have the same strength,” said the planner from ABC Company. It is our jobs to sell our strengths and win business against our competition, so we all better have “great customer service” or we are already fighting a losing  battle.  What we really need to…


To Forward Or Not To Forward… That Is The Question

May 29, 2014

Take the reservation yourself, or forward it to the call center? This is a dilemma that has plagued many a hotel. Experts have touted the fact that conversion rates and cost per reservation benefit the hotel when they send/forward incoming reservation calls to the call centers…. but do call centers really know enough to convince our customers that we are the perfect hotel choice when they also sell thousands of…


Turning Naysayers Into Yeysayers

April 22, 2014

Apologizing is an art. And yes, there is a right and wrong way to apologize…. especially when your hotel has disappointed a guest. I have read many manager responses on Trip Advisor that probably made the situation worse than if they had done nothing at all. Recently I sent you all a copy of an article about responding to reviews. We need to remember that no matter what you say,…


How Do I Get There And How Do I Get Back?

April 15, 2014

Recently, my colleague happened upon the above poster, inside the elevator of a hotel. What a GREAT idea! I don’t advocate that we duplicate this particular poster’s style, but the premise follows a suggestion I made many months ago about QR codes and making sure they are on all of your collateral pieces, posters, and marketing. This example takes the value of the QR code a step further (and it…


Treat Me Like the Queen/King I Know I Am

high maintenance
March 7, 2014

We’ve all experienced our share of high maintenance guests, those individuals who check in to our hotels, demand the world, and want to pay the least amount. It is frustrating and we often question whether or not this is a true customer for our hotel and/or if they are worth it. Sometimes we even resent their business and how much time and effort it takes to “make them happy” versus…


Random Acts Of Kindness

December 13, 2013

‘Tis the season for family, friends, sharing and counting our blessings. Everyday, you hear on the news, read in the papers, and watch on the computer – about random acts of kindness. Not just celebrities and mega-companies looking for publicity, but real people like you and me – doing things for others…… the pay it forward thing….. the unexpected thing. While I am not advocating digging into the coffers of…


Sleeping…. Add It To Your Job Description Please!

October 29, 2013

While I do not think that we will really ever add “sleeping” as part of your job descriptions, I do think that considering our guest’s sleep experiences certainly should make the list! I found the article written by Mr. Cruz (pasted below) to be of interest and wonder how we could incorporate this idea into a “sales” strategy. I love the part about, “there is still a tendency to pay…


How Do You Rank?

October 9, 2013

Do you know your hotel’s ranking on Trip Advisor and/or the OTA’s? If you are in a small community, your hotel probably is on page one by default. But if you are in a larger city with multiple options for lodging you may be relegated to pages that no one takes the time to review. So why? You say you have good rates, you have a good product, and have…


Scrapping The Idea Of A “Go Direct” Policy, Or Not?

August 2, 2013

Many months ago I wrote a blog about the value of a “Go Direct” strategy for your hotel, and specifically your Guest Service/Reservation Agents. I do not know how many of you actually have put this type of procedure into place, but my hope is that every property has at least conducted some sort of training with GSRs on this topic. If you want to reread the previously written blog,…


Responding To Reviews And How It Affects SEO

July 30, 2013

On line reviews of hotels are always subjective. It pertains to that old premise, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Many of you are of the mindset that these reviews don’t really influence guests and the generic responses you are making (IF YOU ARE EVEN MAKING THEM) do nothing to put dollars in the bank. You are saying that you can make better use of your time doing…


The Science Of Front Desk Yielding

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013 and the beginning of a new year of revenue generating, cost savings, and staff training. As we move forward it is increasingly important that we continuously train our front desk sales persons. I attend many revenue calls each week, and EVERY GM and Sales Manager reinforces that their GSRs don’t let any walk-in guest leave the hotel without converting them to a paying customer….


Keeping Your Toes In The Operations Pool

September 27, 2012

I was in a meeting yesterday and was telling the participants about some of my favorite hotel strategies. While we were specifically talking about sales strategies, I did throw in an operations strategy that seemed to generate a bit of interest. Since many of you don’t know I have an operations background, I thought I would share this little tidbit. “You can take a girl out of operations, but you…


“The Power Of Advice”

July 25, 2012 Follow this link (or copy and paste into your browser) to watch this short film (11:15).  It is well worth the eleven plus minutes it takes to view the interviews with some of the top hoteliers in the world. Some of my “light bulb” and “aha” moments were:  (paraphrased) ‘Gut is the muscle memory of the experiences you gain over time, of making the right and wrong decisions during…


The DO’s and DON’Ts of Hotel Technology

June 22, 2012

I’ve often thought that technology is either a hotel’s (or any one’s) best friend or their worst enemy.  Sometimes I can’t figure out which one. I read an article today (copied its entirety at the bottom of this blog) and while reading it, I thought – well, some of these are great ideas, and well, frankly, some I just think are extras that most travelers just don’t need. In any…


Implementing A Lead Generation Program At Your Front Desk

lead generation
April 12, 2012

While reading the industry news today I came upon a story with an interesting headline “Business travelers going rogue”. The highlights of the story are: Unmanaged business travelers make up 70% of the market, according to PhoCusWright. Hoteliers should shift focus from travel managers to the end user. Unmanaged travelers are more likely to research travel on OTAs, but they’re more likely to book on So how do we…


m.02. 411 on EMSGing and TXTing

March 29, 2012

Translation: “My Two Cents. Information on Email Messaging and Texting” I cannot tell you how many times I receive emails using text lingo, poor grammar and typographical errors. What the heck are you trying to say to me? Are you asking a question or making a point? These kind of emails are just a WOMBAT! (Waste Of Money, Brains and Time) In this age of technology and digital communication, we…