Walking The Walk, Talking The Talk….

first impressions
July 11, 2014

Ever notice when some people enter the room, that things just seem to stop for a second?  I am not talking about physical beauty, I am talking about a certain magnetic quality, charisma, poise, and confidence.  In a split second, you might form an impression, and an opinion based on appearance, body language, demeanor, and how they are dressed. First impressions are tough to change, so making that first contact…


Do You Really Have A Plan?

July 10, 2014

While there are some people who could sell ice cubes to Eskimos, there are others that just need a bit more guidance and technique.  You need to have a plan. Every sales person – no matter what their product – needs to understand the critical fundamentals of successful selling skills.  Even the ice cube sales person. Here are some of the top selling skills that you should master: Ready? Preparation…


Puppy Philosophy And Engaging Guests

March 28, 2014

Nothing like a good puppy picture to get your attention! You know the premise … “If you want attention, take a baby or a puppy for a walk.” Well, this is my version of taking a puppy for a walk; so pay attention! Ever had butterflies in your stomach before you made a big presentation to a very large group? In those instances, have you ever had someone suggest that…


Be A Horse Of A Different Color

being different
February 27, 2014

Wow. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Kennedy’s article, “Is Yours ‘Just’ A Hotel?”. What is so awesome about the content of this article is that it confirms most everything I have written over the past two years of blogging (ouch – I am patting myself on the back too hard). Seriously though, I have oftentimes referenced the significance of standing out from the crowd, being different from the hotel…


How Do We Get Our Children To Buy Our Products

November 22, 2013

Back in August I wrote a blog entitled, “How do we get our parents to buy our products”. It addressed the demographics of our customers and how we need to customize our sell tactics and messaging to each generation and market segment. Subsequently, last week – I also blogged about generational selling in “This is my generation, baby!” Every day I encounter articles and blogs about the importance of the…


Sleeping…. Add It To Your Job Description Please!

October 29, 2013

While I do not think that we will really ever add “sleeping” as part of your job descriptions, I do think that considering our guest’s sleep experiences certainly should make the list! I found the article written by Mr. Cruz (pasted below) to be of interest and wonder how we could incorporate this idea into a “sales” strategy. I love the part about, “there is still a tendency to pay…


Quit Being A Giver

September 27, 2013

Ever feel like all you do is give, give, give….. and when you are finally at the end of the negotiations you feel like you have been run over. You might have won the business, but at what rate? Was it worth it or do you feel like you might have left money on the table? Here are a few ideas that can be used DURING negotiations – things you…


Do Your Customers Appreciate You? Why?

September 19, 2013

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but curiosity will make you a much better sales person! How many times have I asked you to engage your customers and get to know them? Are you asking probing questions (without interrogating them)? Do you have a pre-call sheet and have you done your pre-call research? In setting up these key pieces of information, make sure you ask questions about the person and…


The Importance of “Making Time For Sales” – A GM’s Role In The Sales Process

September 17, 2013

Many of our hotels are rooms only, bank owned, limited service, and have small management staff’s. I get it. I have worn your shoes, managed hotels of similar calibre and been responsible for everything from soup to nuts. You have a lot on your plate and your time management skills must be stellar in order to keep everything on track, running smoothly, all while maintaining your sanity. No, you do…


Keeping Your Customers Happy And Spending

August 27, 2013

Finding new customers costs more than retaining the ones you have. Keep your customers in your hotel, happy, and spending. Did you know that a sale to an existing customer costs between one-sixth and one-seventh the price of a sale to a new customer? And yet, three times as many companies cited customer acquisition as their primary marketing goal as those who cited customer retention. We all need new customers….


Scrapping The Idea Of A “Go Direct” Policy, Or Not?

August 2, 2013

Many months ago I wrote a blog about the value of a “Go Direct” strategy for your hotel, and specifically your Guest Service/Reservation Agents. I do not know how many of you actually have put this type of procedure into place, but my hope is that every property has at least conducted some sort of training with GSRs on this topic. If you want to reread the previously written blog,…


10 Habits You Must Quit To Be Successful In Sales

July 24, 2013

Ever have one of those days where you simply dreaded a particular task? If you do what I do, you probably do everything on your list BUT that task and wait until either there is no more time left in the day, or you have exhausted every other task and are forced to finally tackle the dreaded job! We all need to take a page from the article (copied below)….


Sales Mistake #6: You Lack Humility

June 14, 2013

“It’s what we learn after we know it all that counts.” Humility and pride are intertwined and often confused. My barometer is usually when someone says something to me and I am slightly embarrassed that I didn’t stop talking 5 minutes earlier. At that point I realize it’s time to back off a little bit, to get off my soapbox and allow the other person to speak. There is a…


Sales Mistake #5: You Are Not Authentic

June 11, 2013

“When we use scripted sales pitches, we lose some of our authenticity.” “Hi, my name is Linda and I am calling you today with a great offer. Have you ever had someone say to you, ‘you need such and such a product because….’?” Telemarketing – talk about authenticity problems! I mean, I understand the concept – but the execution: most of the time it just doesn’t work. Many of you…


Sales Mistake #4: You Can’t Adapt

June 10, 2013

“Adaptability is a part of self-management…. a critical component of emotional intelligence. If involves having the flexibility to handle change and being open to new ideas.” Punt, pass, kick. Seems logical. Stop. Look. Listen. Again, logical. Propose. Negotiate. Sign. Ideally, this is the local steps of sale. But how logical is the sales effort? In fact, it probably goes more like this: Propose. Negotiate. Stall. Wait. Wait some more. Re-Propose….


Think Strawberries

June 3, 2013

Ever wondered about the name of my blog, “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle”? Not trying to be Captain Obvious, the title is all about basic salesmanship. You are, in essence, selling the experience and getting the product as a bonus. You are selling the customer on the fact that you are going to deliver his/her guests an experience. How many times have I said – ‘there is no…


The Art Of Cocktail Party Speak

June 2, 2013

Let’s face it, some of you are blessed with the gift of gab, and well, some of you just find mingling, conversing and networking the worst part of your job. I get it. While I have never really been without something to say (and those of you who know me can attest to that fact), I will confess that growing up, I was the shy one who tended to gravitate…


Sales Mistake #3: You Lack Self-Awareness

May 24, 2013

“Know what your sales style is so you can understand what works and what doesn’t work.” I believe every sales person, no matter the sales environment or field, can have their own style. Some styles might be more successful for one industry, than they would be in another – but right or wrong, any style can always be improved. What is right for selling cars might not be right for…


Sales Mistake #2: You Talk Too Much

May 23, 2013

I was once told by my boss, that when he saw me cruise to his office doorway, stand silently and look at him, that he needed to resign the fact that it was probably going to be a 20 minute conversation….. yes – I talk too much. Is talking too much really a detriment to sales? My first instinct is that yes, “talking too much” can be a problem….. the…


Sales Mistake #1: You Do Not Have An Emotional Connection With Your Customer

May 21, 2013

“…. one in nine Americans works in sales.” “Digging deeper, as it turns out – the other eight also work in sales…. pitching new ideas to the boss, trying to engage students, or trying to encourage people to invest in your company… we all spend time influencing others….. in some way or another, we are all salespeople.” To Sell Is Human – To Close is Divine. That’s the title of…