Selling During A Recession

June 25, 2012

This is an awesome article! Every point applies to the ideal sales strategy. 1. Don’t immediately drop pricing – try adding value to existing pricing first! 2. Do your research on your customers! 3. Work it baby! Focus on good customers and saturating accounts! 4. Take care of your bread and butter! 5. Keep in mind that every employee in a hotel is a sales person! Happy Selling! Linda  …


Be Your Customer’s Customer

June 18, 2012

“Need to buy a gift? Think about your customer network and be creative – you could purchase a product, schedule a service or even get a gift card. This is a great way to show support for your customers and build better personal connections.” Ever heard the term “what goes around, comes around”?  I am a firm believer of that phrase! I think it is a great idea to utilize…


Do You Notice When Customers Leave?

May 12, 2012

Caring about your customers is an important aspect of creating customer loyalty, and that includes when they stop spending. Pay attention when a regular customer doesn’t come back. Reach out letting them know you have noticed they’re missing and you want them back. Understanding why they left can be a valuable lesson. That emotional connection keeps you top of mind and helps your customers feel more connected to you. No,…


Howdy Partner!

April 19, 2012

Want More Sales? Partner with Other Business Owners It can be tough to find ways to increase sales when resources seem scarce. Great news — some of the most effective methods to get more customers can be the simplest. Partner with other business owners that provide complimentary services to yours. You promote them, they promote you and your customers get an extra value-added bonus they can’t get anywhere else. It’s…


Implementing A Lead Generation Program At Your Front Desk

lead generation
April 12, 2012

While reading the industry news today I came upon a story with an interesting headline “Business travelers going rogue”. The highlights of the story are: Unmanaged business travelers make up 70% of the market, according to PhoCusWright. Hoteliers should shift focus from travel managers to the end user. Unmanaged travelers are more likely to research travel on OTAs, but they’re more likely to book on So how do we…


Is All Business Good Business?

good business
April 9, 2012

While your product or service may be beneficial to the vast majority, not every client is worth the effort. A business filled with clients who are consistently looking for a “better deal” – or are otherwise causing you to lose sleep at night – is a clear sign that it’s time to redefine your target market. Start by creating a list of characteristics of your best customers and then research…