• Super-Stay Me on Super Sunday
  • Is Selling Just Marketing, or is Marketing Just Selling?
  • Profanity In The Workplace.  Why Do We Cuss?
  • Love Is In The Air.  Or Is It?
  • Happy New Year!  Set Your Goals High!

Stand Out In The Crowd

Stand Out: Send a Spring Thank You Customers often expect cards and gifts during the winter holidays, when your message is just one of dozens they receive. But they won’t expect a note sent off-season, such as in Spring or Summer. So go ahead, send a Thank You when they least expect it and you’ll truly stand out! What a great idea! I have a friend who does not send…


m.02. 411 on EMSGing and TXTing

Translation: “My Two Cents. Information on Email Messaging and Texting” I cannot tell you how many times I receive emails using text lingo, poor grammar and typographical errors. What the heck are you trying to say to me? Are you asking a question or making a point? These kind of emails are just a WOMBAT! (Waste Of Money, Brains and Time) In this age of technology and digital communication, we…


The Birth Of A Blog….

In the past, my MO has been to “cut and paste” sales tips and training tips from experts in the industry, then send them out to our company’s sales and management staff. These tips range from simple one line messages, to articles that require you to sit down and focus on a topic. While I think everything I send out to you is valuable and worthwhile – I also realize…