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Revenue Management Techniques: Do Prices Really Need To End In 9?

Bob Weiser sent me an article today.  It really made me think about a subject that I have often thought about, yet never had the nerve to really dig deep into… and furthermore, even think these ideas out loud for fear of being thought stark, raving mad.  (I’ve copied the entire article below for those of you who want to read it.) The article addresses the psycho-analysis of hotel pricing…


When Opportunity Knocks… Are You Answering?

“I recently stumbled upon an image online that stuck with me, and I’ve found it applicable to a number of situations since. It said: “Dear Optimist, Pessimist and Realist: While you were arguing about the glass of water, I drank it. Sincerely, The Opportunist.” This clever spin on the age old question “is the glass half-empty or half-full” applies directly to your everyday business. Yes, the economy remains volatile, and…


Face-To-Face – Getting To Know Your Customers!

Today I read an interesting article (copied below in it’s entirety) entitled “Managing Through Social Media” by Larry Mogelonsky.  When I saw the article, I thought to myself that it was just going to be another boring tribute to the value of utilizing social media in the business environment.  While it did succeed in validating social media, it also had a couple of really good ideas that I had not thought about,…


Don’t Be A Kiosk

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It is never enough to comply with requests. Some people approach customer service like this: Take a request, comply with the request, repeat. Take a request, comply with the request, repeat. Kiosks can do the same thing. Don’t be a kiosk. The true power in the human element of service excellence is how you make someone feel. As a result of being served by you, people should…


Be The Man. Address Problems Proactively!

When Product Problems Arise, Don’t Lose Customers When a product or service problem rears its ugly head, don’t sweep it under the rug. Instead, be up front with your customers by taking these three steps: Proactively tell your customers about the problem, the root cause and the plan to correct it. Actively listen to your customers concerns. Don’t repeat the mistake. Being forthcoming with bad news is difficult, but your…


Howdy Partner!

Want More Sales? Partner with Other Business Owners It can be tough to find ways to increase sales when resources seem scarce. Great news — some of the most effective methods to get more customers can be the simplest. Partner with other business owners that provide complimentary services to yours. You promote them, they promote you and your customers get an extra value-added bonus they can’t get anywhere else. It’s…


Promises, Promises. Don’t Go Back On Your Word.

Deliver on Your Commitments When working with your customers, whether new or returning, be sure that when you make commitments you can deliver on them. There is no faster way to lose customers than making promises that you cannot keep. This is true whether you are quoting a price on a project, offering to have a product delivered on a certain day or stating project specifications. Say what you are…


Who Is Your Hotel’s Competition?

I read an interesting article today…. “The $64,000 Question:  Who Really is Your Hotel’s Competition?”… and wondered if all of our hotel’s really knew the answer to this question. Do you? Really? As Ms. Knutson asks in her article (below), when was the last time you asked your customers, “if you didn’t stay/meet/eat with us, where would you have stayed/met/eaten?” and then the all important follow up question, “why?”. I challenge…

lead generation

Implementing A Lead Generation Program At Your Front Desk

While reading the industry news today I came upon a story with an interesting headline “Business travelers going rogue”. The highlights of the story are: Unmanaged business travelers make up 70% of the market, according to PhoCusWright. Hoteliers should shift focus from travel managers to the end user. Unmanaged travelers are more likely to research travel on OTAs, but they’re more likely to book on brand.com. So how do we…

good business

Is All Business Good Business?

While your product or service may be beneficial to the vast majority, not every client is worth the effort. A business filled with clients who are consistently looking for a “better deal” – or are otherwise causing you to lose sleep at night – is a clear sign that it’s time to redefine your target market. Start by creating a list of characteristics of your best customers and then research…


The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Event Networking: Practice 24-Hour Follow-Up In-person networking is still an important way to grow your referral network. The key is quickly turning those new contacts into active connections in your network. Do this by practicing 24-hour follow-up. Reach out to new contacts within a day of first meeting. Mention the specifics of your conversation and recommended next steps. And don’t forget to let them know you’ll be connecting to them…

rate groove

Finding The Rate Groove

Finding the rate groove. What is the rate range by market segment that generates demand for your hotel? You know it when you see reservations pace increase. The rate groove is not only in relation to the comp set rates but the value the consumer finds in the rate. Leisure this year is expected to remain strong despite high gas prices as the unemployment rate ticks down, allowing rate to…


Stand Out In The Crowd

Stand Out: Send a Spring Thank You Customers often expect cards and gifts during the winter holidays, when your message is just one of dozens they receive. But they won’t expect a note sent off-season, such as in Spring or Summer. So go ahead, send a Thank You when they least expect it and you’ll truly stand out! What a great idea! I have a friend who does not send…


m.02. 411 on EMSGing and TXTing

Translation: “My Two Cents. Information on Email Messaging and Texting” I cannot tell you how many times I receive emails using text lingo, poor grammar and typographical errors. What the heck are you trying to say to me? Are you asking a question or making a point? These kind of emails are just a WOMBAT! (Waste Of Money, Brains and Time) In this age of technology and digital communication, we…

birth of a blog

The Birth Of A Blog….

In the past, my MO has been to “cut and paste” sales tips and training tips from experts in the industry, then send them out to our company’s sales and management staff. These tips range from simple one line messages, to articles that require you to sit down and focus on a topic. While I think everything I send out to you is valuable and worthwhile – I also realize…